First experience of a fertility clinic

On Saturday, Sam and I had our first experience of a fertility clinic. Waking up filled with a mixture of excitement and anxiety, we made our way to Manchester. I downloaded a Disney soundtrack album to try and disperse our nervousness…apparently singing along to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and Beyonce’s Diva whilst simultaneously eating Twiglets is the way to combat trepidation! During this road trip I foolishly decided to research a little more into how to qualify for IVF on the NHS and was really saddened to find out that we would have to self fund at least 6 sessions of IUI to be entitled to 1 attempt on the NHS. SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE!!!


Once we arrived at Care Fertility in Manchester we were greeted by a nurse and told to have a seat in the contemporary waiting room. Filled with magazines all about fertility, invitations to ‘The Fertility Show’ and anxious looking patients, I was instantly nervous again…Sam on the other hand was trying to figure out how to work the free coffee machine – nothing can keep her away from caffeine.


After waiting for what seemed like an eternity we were met by Lauren, a welcoming patient Liaison member of the team who would be talking us through our one-to-one. Lauren instantly put us both at ease, discussing the refurbishment that the building was undergoing and ensuring us that it was almost complete. She then led us into a private room and we all had a seat around a table. This I really liked! It wasn’t the formal affair that I was anticipating and I immediately felt relaxed.

For the next hour or so we all sat and talked through our possible options, with Lauren asking us what our expectations were and ensuring us that we were going the right way about things. Basically I am the one who’s planning on having the baby (Sam’s far too much of a wimp) and we agreed that the most viable option for us would be to try IVF. I’ve wanted to donate my eggs for a while now, to help out people who are having fertility issues. After all, who am I to expect to use someone else’s sperm and not return the favour? We spoke in length with Lauren about this, and after she told us that there was a huge waiting list for women needing eggs to start a family – due to lack of donations, Sam has also decided she would like to try and donate her eggs too.

Lauren talked us through the entire procedure! How my eggs would be collected, fertilized, monitored and hopefully inseminated. We learned about how the sperm donation works – the selection process and legalities, how I would be heavily sedated, side effects of each treatment, where the best place to buy medication is and then through the different add on treatments, their benefits and whether their was scientific evidence to back this up the benefits. My primary fear about this whole process was that we would be sat apposite a consultant who would try and up-sell treatments through exploiting our lack of knowledge. This wasn’t the case at all. Sam and I were given fabulously honest advice and then given the literature to back this up – just in case it was all too much to take in. It really was a valuable experience and we both left feeling confident in taking the next step together!


So what next? We are now waiting for forms from the donation teams for my egg sharing and Sam’s egg donation. From there we will then have a consultation and go onto the next stages! It’s all getting very real, scary and exciting now.


My next post will hopefully be all about the forms we receive from the donation team and what happens next!

For more information on the amazing Care Fertility click here






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